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  • Small update on my progress: Still writing the status system setup tutorials - I've already finished the basics (status values, development, etc.) and abilities (28 in total). There's still a lot left to do, though, items, equipment, combatants, etc…
  • Sure: List items = new List(); ORK.Game.ActiveGroup.Leader.Inventory.GetAll(true, false, true, true, true, true, true, true, -1, false, ref items); This'll get everything, currencies, items, equipment, recipes, AI equips.
  • Hm, are the combatants alive? What's the move AI setup like - e.g. is it using random patrol (so it should move around even when not detecting a target)?
  • 6) What are the Combatant Settings of the HUD like - did you enable displaying it for the player? Also, what's the multi-box layout setup? 7) What's the equipment's equipment slot setup like? Edit: 5) Tested this, working fine here. Does your UI b…
  • I assume you also have the rest set up, GUI boxes, items, etc.? Hm, strange - which GUI system are you using, legacy (like in the tutorial) or new UI?
  • Since Can Use is false, it means that the move AI isn't available at that point. At what state of the game is this? E.g. if it's in battle and the battle system blocks move AI during battle, it naturally can't be blocked. There's also the move AI …
  • Try to define the component name without the namespace, i.e. just ORKMovement.
  • Can you give some details about your shop and shop layout?
  • 1) Well, yeah - if you want other names as well, you need to have them selected separately (e.g. via filters in the Select Combatant node or by using actors as I explained earlier) and store them into other variables. 5) I'll check it out. In which…
  • 1) Ah, just noticed the error you're making - the variable key for the string variable should use Value, not String Variable (I've seen it in the Store Selected Data Content node). 2) Currently not - i'll look into new options to level up an abilit…
  • The only way I see this error happening is when you don't have any combatant in the player's group - i.e. you don't have a player added.
  • 1) You're probably using the wrong object in the Select Combatant node. The Machine Object is most likely not a combatant in this case - e.g. set up an ORK Player actor and uset that. 2) You can't research an ability multiple times - research trees…
  • If the enemy faction and physics setup is correct, check your enemy's status values - e.g. if their maximum health is 0, it'll be dead on arrival and no battle will start.
  • Make sure that: - the combatants defined for the battle is in an enemy faction - you don't mix 2D and 3D components, 2D colliders/rigidbodies don't interact with their 3D counterparts As for commissions, you can contact me (…
  • Sorry, must have missed your additional post. Selected data (where you store the combatant using the Select Combatant node) isn't the same as variables. You can store the name (and other information) of something in selected data into a string vari…
  • The input keys in ORK just use whatever input origin you define for them, e.g. rewired via a custom script. There's a tutorial available in the forum for that.
  • If this is in the combatant's death event and the combatant is the player, the Destroy Object node needs to use the User actor. The prefabs are only for prefabs spawned by the event - i.e. you need to add them to the Prefabs in the Event Settings no…
  • @kiwi Well, you can't use menu screens without a player :)
  • You can e.g. use image nodes (Add Nodes > UI > Image) to show/fade/move images around as you want. Tab buttons could be handled by a dialogue styled that way - and music/voiceover is pretty standard, just playing music and audio clips :) Othe…
  • @kiwi Hm, is there a player already set up when you open the menu screen?

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