I have the init event triggering and debug logs shows all the calculations correctly, but the combatant values themselves do not change.

I have a creature combatant: ghoul
Ghoul has no status value Development, just default values: i.e. 14 HitPoints
The event I want to trigger is a formula for randomizing Hitpoints (2d8 +1)
The init event is working and the calculations in the underlying formula are working
I see debug logs in the rollHitPoints formula predicting the (max) hitpoints value change for each and every ghoul combatant in the console as the battle grid loads.
Im using the "change status value" NODE in the init event (this node contains the call to the rollHitPoints formula)
Ive set an actor in the event as "Starting Object"
But the Ghouls still keep their default hit Points of 14

lil' help?
  • ok, making progress.

    I was just disorganizing variables previously.
    My approach is working.

    Now a new Confusion prevails...
    If I have multiple ghouls as enemies the random HitPoints are assigning correctly, But I am also randoming treasure via the "add loot" node

    But although the hitPoints are updating correctly for each Ghoul, as I generate random loot for each ghoul, all the treasure ends up with the first ghoul??

    So the event nodes generate (3 ghouls) 3 unique hitPoint values and assign them and then generates three sets of loot but all the loot applies to the first ghul killed when I get the gains, I receive the treasure from all three ghouls???
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    Good news, the next ORK version (2.31.0) will have new settings to add random stats to combatants (in addition to the status development or fixed status values). E.g. your ghoul having the fixed 14 HP defined in the settings, you can just add a random HP 'bonus' in the next update.

    As for the inventory/loot, that depends on the overall setup. If you're using Group inventory and the ghouls are part of the same group, their starting inventory will be combined.
    If you're using Loot loot origin, the loot will not be in the inventory, it'll be created upon killing the combatant.

    Also, the general look collection setup (in your battle system's setup) will determine if the loot is collected when killing (i.e. collect immediately) or at the end of the battle via the battle end event nodes (i.e. getting the loot from all killed enemies at once).
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