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I have a main menu setup where different options will become available as selections are made, however there seems to be quite a delay on the checks for variables.

Example, menu has these options:

Now i dont want the Class to be selectable until Race is chosen, so i have a requirement on the Class to show once a 'CharacterRace' variable equals one of the races. Until it does, it will just be greyed out and not selectable.

Once a race is chosen, an event is fired which updates the variable and a dialogue box shows for 1 sec to advise the end of the event.

However it takes several seconds (between 5-10 secs) for the Class button on the menu to show un-greyed/selectable after the event has ended. Which during that time someone would think its broken.

Is it possible to speed up these checks? I know some other sections like HUD's allow you to change the interval of checks, but i don't see one for the requirements checks.

Edit: Looks like it is only an issue with having multi menu going. If i have the menu selected as 'single screen', then it looks like it refreshes the requirements when it reopens the menu. I can work with this, but ideally i wanted people to be able to see and click on the other menu at anytime during character creation. At least i have a work around for now.
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  • Yeah, the Button List requirement checks currently run on a fixed timer, I'll change that and make this an option in the next update.
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