So in my game, I used a lot of variables in different different circumstances. I wonder if there is any way I can group them together so that it doesn't look confusing?

For example:
1. Variables used in mechanism A will all be grouped into the same place under mechanism A. Like managing assets folder I keep them in a separate place.
2. Deleting variables that's not being used. I tend to create variables after that realizing they're not useful so I decided to change it's name or just abandon it, but it stays as one of the game variable although having no function. Is there a way to delete the unusable variables?

  • 1) Well, if it's for managing in-game, you can use object variables for that (i.e. adding an Object Variable Component to a game object in your scene). Just in the editor - no, you'd just have to come up with your variable naming convention to help that, e.g. mechanismA_variableX or something like that.

    2) Try scanning for variables in settings, scenes, etc. in Editor > Game Variables, although I'm not 100% sure if that removes unused variables from the popup list. Otherwise, you can delete the EditorData asset in Assets/ORK Framework - this doesn't hold any game data, just editor stuff like the variable list.

    The editor is simply storing variable keys that are entered in variable fields so that you don't have remember them all, they're not really variables that will be created/available in-game or something like that :)
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