• @gamingislove
    Could you create a multiplayer game tutorial that has good complexity? (With server plz)

    Thank you friends.
  • Request Makinom path points using the tutorial, the experiment many times, the path points are not working, I would like to point the path used in the ORK NPC
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    I would LOVE a bubble shooter game. I would even pay for one. Ty @gamingislove for your great visual scripting tool and taking time for us.
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  • Hello everyone. I am new to Makinom, and me Question is, is there anywhere a tutorial for an advanced 3rd Person Controller with Mechanim?

    I will be very happy, if I get an positive feedback.

  • A simple basic Makinom video tutorial on how to work it would be nice. A simple introduction of the UI and how things works, like how to do a pacman game for example. A video tutorial goes a long way than just reading it on the page. Text can be interpreted differently in different languages and in different people, so even though it seems obvious for some with more background to programming and design, others who want to understand the interface and where things go would be lost and only trial and error their way to understanding it, which is fine but frustrating when it can easily be shown in a video. The benefits also is effectively showing the tool in practice through video and it cuts so much time to figuring it out and making a bad game as a result. This is why Udemy and Khan Academy are so effective.
    Not saying that text is bad, just saying that it isn't a replacement for a teacher to demonstrate how things works.
  • In your description, it says it's really easy to make a Beat 'em Up game. I really need help figuring it out. A Tutorial would be of great help.
  • hi I want to small tutorial for makinom2 debugger.

    it is bit hard to realize with current documents.
    1.acitivate debugger.
    2.set breakpoint
    3.run in debugger
    4.watch properties

    step by step tutorial i need.
    video tutorial is better.

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