I have a strange problem.. using Makinom and Ork editors, I tried with both of them, I cannot door more than one letter in each space (like character name, attribute, variable...) as it seems to switch to Unity window. I.E if i digit F, it is immediately attivated Unity editor shortcut and the digit process in Ork and / or Makinom editor is interrupted.
I tried with some editor extensions like Playmaker and Funges that I usually never use and they work fine.
It is like Ork and Makinom windows are at the same level of Unity editor and keys are in conflict, so every digit it switch’s back to Unity and I cannot write anything.
I tried both with version 14.2 and beta 14.3, and last Makinom version.
I am using Unity 2017.3 and MacBook Pro with last update.
Thanks in advance, have a nice holiday!!
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    UPDATE: i made many tests and i seems a problem with input boxes, but search works well:
    i.e. if i digit player on search tab the input is displayed correctly, if i write player inside the box of combatant name, after the "p" it suddendly stops, i have to click again there, paying attention not to delete the letter (as i it is selected, i have to click again near it), an then i can digit another letter, one at time...
    I cannot find a solution, i will patiently wait for a tip or maybe a confirm that there are some conflicts among Unity Version / Macbook / MacOs Version / ORK and Makinom release...
    Thanks, have a nice day!

    SECOND UPDATE: I tried with a fresh install of Unity on a windows pc, I got the same problem... I installed last version of Unity but not beta version of ORK, just the last one (2.14.2).
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  • It's an already issue since Unity 2017.2 (and still present in 2017.3). According to the issue tracker there's a fix in review, but not in a released version (or beta) of Unity.

    The issue is limited to the name fields that change the name of the data (e.g. item). Using Unity 2017.1 would fix it for now - we'll have to wait for Unity to fix this.
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  • Thanks a lot!
    If i stay with Unity 2017.1.2 is okey for Ork, Makinom and plugins? If i have no problems with an older version i can stick with that till they release a fix!
    Have a nice day!
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