Just a friendly suggestion: May want to remove the links to the gamekakkak integrations for ORK; they are now very out of date, and the designer is unresponsive and domain/website no longer active.

Definitely a shame, as I was looking forward to integrating directly with both PlayMaker and Behavior Designer. I'd hate to see people buy based ORK with the assumption these are an option.

Regardless, having a great time building with ORK!

  • I second this: i don't want to point the finger against the developer of those intregrations plugins, but as GiL is / has been always professional it would be better to remove them, that could lead new unexperienced users to purchase deprecated assets.
    However, if the developer pops up again, he can use other ways to have visibility. :-)
  • Thanks for the info, I've removed them from the plugins.
    Please consider rating/reviewing my products on the Asset Store (hopefully positively), as that helps tremendously with getting found.
    If you're enjoying my products, updates and support, please consider supporting me on patreon.com!
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