Hallo, before I buy I need to clear the following question. I understand ORK has optional turn-based battle but can I use turn-based in the whole game? Like XCOM? I want all movement, actions to be based on turns. Is that possible? Thank you!
  • In a grid or not?
    Turn-base without grid always on could be done with some tweaks i suppose... You should make battle events with movement, usable by AI (enemies and friendly NPC) when they cannot attack / cast / make special actions. But i think it can be done.
    In Grid based the system helps you with movements, so i think it could be even easier.
    I never had problems to access menu in battle.
    There is just a issue with saving that only GiL could answer, because if i well remember you cannot save during battles, but if the whole setup is a battle scene i suppose you can remove the player just for a moment, save the game, and activate the battle again (if there aren't any on-sight/entering battle event there should be not modifications on NPC behaviours).
  • If you need turn based (or grid) mechanics outside of battle, you'll have to implement them yourself. ORK currently only uses them in battle.
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