Hi fellas,

Firstly a big thank you to GIL for creating such a robust product and giving such great support. I also appreciate those that made group buys to advance the product for the rest of us future buyers.

I just have a few noob questions before I purchase...

1) would it be possible to skip the real-time field game part and make a game that focuses essentially on turn based/ hex map combat? For example building an 'army' or group of heroes pre-game and then facing off against an enemy AI army in turn based battle.

2) In real-time combat would it be possible to use a product such as the BS Melee system product to introduce such things as "hit-zones" and "hit-boxes" to weapons and enemies?

3) For animations, can each ability or attack type be given a seperate animation? Can the victim of attacks be given a seperate animation depending on the weapon used?

4) And lastly, Is it possible to use random numbers to generate A.I behavior or even animations? For example, the A.I can will act aggressively 80% of the time, Defensively 10% and run away 10% of the time, depending on the RNG factor..Or having three different animations for the same attack, one of which will be randomly selected each time for the attack.

Just trying to wrap my head around the possibilities with ORK so that I can plan a game accordingly.
Thanks in advance!

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    1) This is the best type of combat that you can use ORK i think.

    2) Everything can be used with ORK but not out of the box, you need custom work to use other assets, but yeah it is doable.

    3) Yes, and Keldryn wrote a nice guide for how to do this (http://forum.orkframework.com/discussion/2901/tutorial-weapon-specific-animations-using-mecanim). But yeah you can trigger animations from ORK as you like.

    4) Random nodes are there and you can randomize stuff. Also new AI updates coming on 2.10.
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    EDIT: Ninja'd on much of this by @dlevel!

    1) You're thinking of a setup like a Fire Emblem game, right? This should be possible. You'd use Events that display interactive dialog boxes in between battles and then go straight to the grid battle.

    2) It should be possible, but would likely require some custom code to get it working. ORK does let you place multiple Damage Zones on a character so that you can have hit locations. You might want to see if that is adequate for your needs before integrating with something like BS Melee.

    3) Yes and yes. I write a tutorial on how to do this a while back.

    4) Yes. You can set up random chances in the battle AI graphs. And you can do the same thing I. Your Battle Event to animate an attack.
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  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for the prompt replies :) Much appreciated.

    1) I'm not familiar with fire emblem, But I was thinking something like Krosmaster Yes, have a menu where players pick heroes, maybe a campaign map or level selector and once the players press play straight to battle.

    2) Thats totally understandable.

    3) Great! thanks for the link and tutorial.

    4) Awesome. I was really hoping this was a thing.

    More questions, unfortunately...

    5)-Is there a 'cover' option in turn based battles that offer units/characters defensive bonuses depending on the tile/hex that they are in?

    6)-Can a stealth rating be used to determine if an enemy detects a character getting too close or even a LOS mechanic where the guard enemy does not detect the player if his back is turned...

    Just trying to look at my options for games that I can possibly make with ORK
  • I think a Krosmaster-like game is totally doable, i played it (even if i don't know all the in-depth mechanics) and i suppose ORK can handle it well.

    About question
    5) If i am not wrong there are tiles that can give bonus to characters... There are grid cell events, or you could use the battle events to check if the player is on a specific spot (as normal battles).

    6) There should be scope / mask for combatant / abilities, about stealth i think it can already achieved out-of-the-box (maybe a turn start check?), but i would wait for GiL for a more specific answer.

    Goodbye. ^^
  • Although the questions have already been answered, here's an official answer :)

    1) Yes, the game tutorial series only shows all battle systems for, well, demonstration purposes :D
    If you want your game to be only turn based grid batltes, just make it only turn based, i.e. you don't have to do active time or real time setup.

    2) Sure, but involves some custom work, e.g. changing the melee system to also apply damage to status values on ORK's combatants.

    3) Yes, you can use different animations for all abilities and other actions, as well as have weapons (and other things, e.g. status effects) override the animations of a combatant.

    4) Yes, there are nodes for random and chance based branches.

    5) Not directly cover, but you can achieve this by adding Cell Events to the grid cell type or individual cell. The cell event can e.g. add a status effect that gives defence bonuses.

    6) Yes. There are detection options in the move AI to detect on sight or movement, including an angle check and line of sight (using raycasts).
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  • Thanks for the confirmations GIL ;) Seems that the ORK framework is even more flexible than I had expected. The manual/tutorials only scratch the surface of what is possible.

    Will be purchasing the full ORK kit within the next few weeks to make my creative dreams come true..

    Thanks again to all who took the time to answer these noob questions.
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