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This has been driving me bonkers for the last week, and I'm sure I'm just missing something silly.

Since updating to 2.1.7, whenever my combatants level up (in either character level or class level) the extra EXP they gain which would have normally rolled over to the new level progress is instead floored out at the new level's minimum value and truncated. When I roll back to a previous version it works as expected - any extra experience gained past what's needed to level up is retained and applied towards the next level.

I've tried playing with some of the new settings in the status value panels but haven't gotten anything to work yet - my guess is that I set up something weirdly that isn't playing well with the updates. Possibly related, my characters also won't gain multiple levels at once anymore either, whereas before 2.1.7, they would. (Mostly for hypothetical use cases - I doubt that the typical player will receive enough EXP in such a massive singular dose that it will push them through multiple level ups at one time. Just you know, nice to have in case it does happen.)

Any help or pointers for things to try would be muchly appreciated. :)
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  • That's a bug - will fix it in the next update :)
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  • Thanks so much!
    My little chunk of the internet: http://artemic.com
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