As of Beta 16, the battle start event seems to have been broken.

I took out the simpleStart, it works normally (without the event). But it won't work with it in. With the entire event, it freezes after the battle zoom. I've reconnected it to several and the latest I can choose for it to hang is spawn combatants where it won't load up the HUD.

Basically, from the change camera position (battlezoom) to spawn combatants, it dies.

It was working with Beta 15.

I was wondering if it was a bug, but I would think that someone else would've caught it before now. Any thoughts?

Also, Random battles aren't doing anything for me.

I have yet to start from scratch though. Should I have to?
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    Okay... I went through the battle start event played around. It seems that the wait function completely destroys it. After every wait sequence is, seemingly, where the game hangs.

    After disabling the 2 wait nodes, and the waits in the camera changes, or anything else that has wait. It functions, of course, without the wait sequences to make the transition more effective. So at this point, it seems like it's a bug, or my copy of beta 16 is corrupt.

    It's the same for battle end events.

    However, Battle Events are just fine. Attack and such goes through with no problems.
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  • Did some tests and this isn't happening on my end - maybe you can send me your project (or a download link) to
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    Ack, I deleted it and started anew. It might just be because the upgrade caused it to mess up somehow. I only made it back to tutorial 8, since I don't actually have a great deal of time. I'll update you if it happens this time around.

    *I might still have it in my recycle bin, but I seriously doubt this.

    EDIT: Thought I edited this... but I think it was an import problem. Cuz I did get this resolved, when I went through it again.
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