I'm trying to build a system in which you have a battle encapsulated into another battle. For example, you have a big battlefield (macro battle) with units and when 2 units encounter each other, you kind of "zoom" into the combat between the 2 units (micro battle).

Right now, I'm planning to do this by creating the macro battle and then, when I have to start the micro battle, I simply save the macro battle units data (unit positions, facing, stats), stop the macro battle and then, start the micro battle. When this battle is done, I start the macro battle again and place all the units in the positon/facing/etc. they had when we left the macro battle.

Is there a better way to proceed? Is it possible to have 2 active battles at the same time with ORK?

  • Hm, I don't think so - there can (currently) only be one ongoing battle.
    You can switch battle systems while in battle, but not start another battle at the same time.
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