Hi! I've been looking around the net for engines to make a 3D RPG, and this one seems pretty cool so I'm giving it a shot since RPG Maker just... doesn't really mesh with 3D too well. I've done some really rudimentary tutorials with Unity, getting used to the interface and working with microgame tutorials and whatnot.

Tried getting started with the ORK How-Tos but it seems to suppose you have a game project to add it to -- one with assets, I think? -- instead of starting from scratch and building assets from there. What's the best place to begin learning how to get there?

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    There's the game tutorial series for this :)
    It'll teach you using ORK by building a small RPG from scratch, comes with assets you should use and goes through everything you need to know to get started.
    You can also download the completed project (i.e. the ORK demo) and check that out.

    It'll require some basic Unity knowledge, though, e.g. working with prefabs, adding components, etc.
    So, if you're really really new to Unity, I'd definitely recommend to first get yourself familiar with the engine before delving into ORK. Unity has lots of beginner tutorials to learn the basics.
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