So I'm having a weird issue with Move AI Combatants that are intended to follow a waypoint system or random patrol.

Right now if I start with 2 combatants both following the same waypoints, only 1 of them moves, but they move to the wrong waypoint (out of order, even though that's not checked) and then once they make it to that waypoint they stop.
I checked, and it appears they aren't in waypoint mode, the one that moves switches to Idle as soon as he reaches that first waypoint.

If I manually drag them around they start moving again, but only for a short time before eventually returning to Idle.
  • Nevermind, I guess the player wasn't close enough to them..
  • Out of battle, combatants using the move AI is limited by the Move AI Range (in Battle System > Battle Settings).
    In battle, it's up to the battle system's Move AI Settings, if the move AI is allowed and which range it uses.

    You can also disable using range and allow it in unlimited distance to the player.
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  • Oh okay, thanks for clarifying, I was confused because the Move AI Range was 800, so it should have still been active. But it's a scene-wide battle.
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