I am looking to give the player the option to convert one of their currencies to another currency (was trying to do this through a shop) but I am running into issues where currency can't actually be "sold" in a shop.

Now this might need to be done outside the shop menu, but is there any way to allow the player to choose one of their currency and exchange it for another currency using ORK?

Some ideas I have tried already but was met with a roadblock:
- Tried to use Loot to add currency to the buy menu of a shop but realized currency doesn't get added this way either.
- Making an item to represent each currency and using this in the selling menu of a shop. I was hoping to use the InitEvent of the item to add the corresponding currency to the player but I could not actually find the player combatant in this event to add the currency to, as the actor dropdown is blank.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
  • You can exchange currency using the Exchange Inventory Money event node.
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