I have some mecanim animated models with attack animation. Some animations by default take 2.5s and some take 0.8s.

Now I want monster combatant to animate the attack based on its attack speed.
For that, I am using mecanim settings > set animator speed:

It works fine, but as it's based on default mecanim animation time, monster with 0.8s default animation time, will always "attack" faster even with the same attack speed as the monster with default animation time 2.5.

Any idea how can I fix this?
  • The animator speed controls the speed of the animations the animator plays, e.g. 1 for normal speed, 2 for double speed or 0.5 for half speed - this doesn't change the base animation duration/time needed by an animation to play.

    So, for this to work out, you'd need to have the attack speed formula set up in a way to have each combatant's ultimate attack animation time come out at the same duration, which is probably pretty hard to do.

    A better option would be to change the individual animation's speed in the animator - the animation states have a Speed setting to control the playback speed of that one animation.
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  • That has worked, thank you!
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