Hi ! Sorry to bother,

I've searched on the documentation, I saw we can make footprints when we walk on a particular surface, but I didn't find a way to keep spawning these footprints even when we change the surface.
Example: I kill an enemy, a blood pool appear under the corpse. I would like to print bloody footsteps when I walk everywhere else after stepping in the blood. Right now, my footprints are spawning only in the blood surface, not outside.
Is there a way?
Oh and quick question too: is it possible to fade out the footprints when they disappear (instead of turn it off without transition) ?

Thanks again for your help, and for this great asset ! ^^
Best regards,
  • That should be possible by changing the footstepper's Effect Tag - but you have to set up those bloody footsteps as Tag Effects in your footstep materials.
    E.g. the demo does something like this for the robot footsteps.

    How the footstep prefabs behave is up to them - e.g. the fading out could be done by having the prefab use particle effects that slowly fade out.
    In case you're using Makinom (available for free), you could also do this with an Auto machine and a schematic that fades out the object (e.g. if it's not a particle effect). Though, it'd be a bit overkill getting into Makinom just for this, so I'd only do that if you already use it :)
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  • Oooh yeah of course, I can use custom particle effect indeed. Didn't thought about that...
    And thanks also for pointing me out the Effect tag, it makes sense. I have a nice effect now :D
    Thanks again, and keep it up ! ^^
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