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If two boxers have the same layout and background but different positions, how can they be reused?
I can change position in Content Box Setting,but one GUI Boxer in left,one in right...
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  • I'm not really sure what your question is ...

    Each GUI box you set up is used on it's own, even if they use the same style/prefabs.
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  • If I am not mistaken, I could be, I think he has a Menu GUI Box he needs in 2 different positions and is trying to make one box show in 2 different areas.

    I think what you might want to consider is copying the one you want to use and rename it to what it is needed for. Now you can change the Position of the copy and leave the original where it was.

    I have had to do this when I didn't want a Menu to be in the same position within different menu Screens. My Equipment for example wants a large wide GUI Box, but that isn't needed in overview, or a few other Menu screens, so I copied the Menu Big and used it for example in the Equipment area but changed it's size and location to better fit with the rest.

    To make it easier on your brain, make sure you rename it what you need it for. Nothing is more annoying working with GUI's than trying to remember what box you needed to use or change up because it was left as for example "Menu Big 1" If you need it for Equipment List, call it Equipment List.

    I hope this helps you sort out the problem.
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