Trying to have characters swap to another battle spot "position." I have 3 main party members that I want to be able to switch between their battle spots as an option on their turn. (Like the game Darkest Dungeon or Bug Fables) IE Switch someone from the back to the front so they can tank enemy damage and vice versa. I've tried storing their position and then moving them to target but that is proving pretty finnicky. Any ideas?
  • How are you moving them atm?
    I'd imagine having a front and back battle spot, and a variable set for which member is front or back set with a "switch" action-ability to use a battle event to switch between the two should work.
    IE if they are battle spot 1 and there are 3 front and 3 back spots, then theyd move position to battle spot, lets say 4 (the back position of 1)
  • Currently moving them as part of ability events With a switch action ability like you said. Using change position nodes and I was trying to store variable of the location of the player when they use the ability and have the target move to that variable spot
  • You can move the battle spots of them via the Waypoint object (instead of Actor). Unless you're using real time battle areas, battle spots are physical game objects that can be moved around as needed.
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  • This is huge for me. Thanks!
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