So this is a problem that only seems to exist on this 1 project, but every time I go to game events and click Open Game Event, the entire menu lags so bad I can't really do anything anymore. Closing and Opening the Ork Framework tab helps a bit, but it slowly falls back into lag after a few events.

Like I said, I've never seen this happen, and this project is MUCH smaller than my 3rd person shooter. So I'm guessing something weird is going on. (It's also on a newer version of Unity - 2019.1.6f1)
  • Hm, strange - try deleting the EditorData asset (in Assets/ORK Framework/). It only contains some editor information, e.g. the last opened event assets or how you positioned the drag bars.
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  • This wound up working great, thanks!
    If it returns I'll let you know.
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