Hey again...

This time, I seem to have everything working, but the returnToBase event is working incorrectly, at least that is what it seems like to me. both combatants run to target and attacks just fine. The enemy combatant goes back to where he started, but faces away. And the player character goes and attack just fine as well but then goes to an odd place to the right side.


Any ideas on what I might've done wrong?
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    Everything works as it should - it's just your player isn't standing at his battle spot at the start and thus returns to a different spot after the attack.

    Placing the player correctly at battle start is handled in the battle start events tutorial :)
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  • Ah... so it was later in the tutorials. Cuz as it were, if I was positioned badly when the battle activate, it locks the game because he can't get to his battle position.
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