I need suggestions.
I am trying to implement a 'reaction' state for things like extra actions, attacks of opportunity and intercepts.

I would like to generate a boolean variable for every combatant, every turn that refreshes to "available" (1).

Various formulas and abilities would then access and consume this 'reaction' variable to "unavailable"(0) during the turn.
THen checks against the combatant's variable would be able to determine if the "reaction" had already been consumed or was still available for other actions during the turn.

Once a new turn begins, the boolean refreshes to 1.
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    Check out the Turn Start Events and Turn End Events that are available in Battle System > Battle Settings > Combatant Settings > Default Events, they allow you to use game events upon a combatant's turn (start/end).
    You can do these special systems and variable changes in the events.

    You can also overrule these default events by events set up in the individual combatant's settings.
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