Before starting the game, players can set some custom parts. eg: gender, name, occupation, background, etc. How can I add these customized data to the ork system? When I directly addplayer through the ork panel, I can’t find a place to set it dynamically
  • Gender could just be a variable that the "conditional prefab" could swap between based on that value.

    same for occupation.. it could be a variable string and called for whenever you want to use it.

    each of those could be determined in a dialogue node.
  • Depends on what those parameters are used for in your game.

    Beside using object variables, you can also use defence attributes, status effects, (passive) abilities, equipment, etc. to add additional information.

    Regarding name - that'd be the regular combatant name, which you can change in-game using a Set Combatant Name node (e.g. first using a Value Input Dialogue to let the player type in a name).
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