Need tips on method:

When a fighter class levels to level 3 for instance, they choose a specialty in style (sword n board, 2h,ranged, stealth, duel, etc.)

Do I build a new passive ability (to set the learned level at 3)?
Then can I set a custom event to trigger when the ability is learned (so the user can choose the specialty)
The event only happens once, as the ability is learned or triggered.
The user chooses the specialty from the list
The choice then sets a permanent Status (fighting style)
Then other formulas will reference that users "fighting style" accordingly.

Im just struggling with how to assign this ability (at level 3) and force the user to choose
  • I've looked at game event to offer a dialogue menu but that is confusing me as well..

    I'm imagining a variable:fightingStyle with an array of possible values; (sword n board, 2h,ranged, stealth, duel, etc.) but that doesn't seem possible..

    I can add either "quest choice dialogue" --not appropriate
    or a "selected data dialogue"?
    or a "input value dialogue"?

    I tried the "input value dialogue" but it seems to create a variable for each fightingStyle option...not what i was expecting...

    I was expecting to create a dialogue menu where the user's selection string ([from]sword n board, 2h,ranged, stealth, duel) becomes the variable value.

    Then a variable fork (with the menu's selection==value) decides which of the abilities to add to the user's character (an ability is possible for each fighting style). Which fightingStyle ability gets added based upon the users choice in the dialogue menu , which is based upon the level 3, levelUp event.

    I just can't seem to get all the pieces straight in my head.
  • NVM; THink I got it
  • Generally, if something should happen on level up, use a level up event - the default (for all combatants) is defined in Battle System > Battle Settings > Level Up Settings and can be overruled by each individual combatant with custom settings.

    In the event itself you can e.g. check the level of the combatant and do what you need based on that, e.g. for level 3 show a dialogue to select the ability.

    You can either use a Show Dialogue node and type the things you want available, or first fill selected data with the abilities that should be available and use a Selected Data Choice to have the player select one (afterwards you can learn the selected one). The Select Ability node to add abilities to selected data also has optoins to create new ability instances instead of getting already existing abilities from a combatant. The Learn Ability node has options to use an ability stored in selected data.
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