I would like to have a secondary scene switch the camera to top down (follow user). Only that scene.

I am completely lost on camera control.
I have the scene change and the spawning but the scene starts with a main camera only and its set to perspective (per the tutorial).

How can I update this scene to a top down follow user experience?

Is the top down border camera a component on the main camera?
Does the top down border camera need an interaction controller?
How do I target or link the user as the target of the (top down border) camera?

  • Generally, ORK's built-in camera controls are designed in a way that they're automatically added to a scene's camera when the scene is loaded, i.e. you'd usually only have one camera control.

    If you want different controls based on the scene, you can do that:
    - use a No Camera Control component on the camera to prevent ORK from adding one automatically
    - add the camera control component you want (e.g. Top Down Border) to the camera
    - add a Custom Control in Base/Control > Game Controls for the camera component to be able to block/unblock it with ORK, e.g. TopDownBorderCamera is the class name for the top down border camera, but I think it should be possible to catch all of ORK's controls via BaseCameraControl class (i.e. the base class for all camera controls)

    An alternative would be generally using the Top Down Border camera and using the Camera Border components (with triggers to define the area) to control the height.

    You can also generally set ORK's camera control to None and set up a camera control in each scene (but you still have to add it as a custom control to be able to block/unblock it).
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