I would like to create a snowflake "ghoul" combatant as a mob from the common bestiary. The goal is for each ghoul spawned to have 'some' status values be unique, so that ghouls, in practice, are varied.

I don't want to design status Developments; I only want "MaxHp" and and "strength" to be dynamic, all other status values can be fixed by combatant (value [not unique]).

I want to use formula for "maxHp" and "Strength", what is the best method for achieving this?

To be more specific;

MaxHp would be a formula based upon other [fixed] statusValues i.e. MaxHp= hitDie(rnd.1-8) X hitDice(2). "HitDie" "hitDice" are fixed status values for the ghoul combatant.

Strength would be a simple formula i.e. strength = rnd. 14-19.

I don't know where to assign these potential formulas or how to trigger them.

Any and all suggestions welcome,
  • You can use the Init Events of the combatant for that (Base Settings > Game Event Settings > Init Events in the combatant's settings).

    This will let you use a game event when the combatant is initialized - you can use a Change Status Value node to change whatever status value you want, e.g. using a formula or a random value. Best use the Initialize option for such a setup.
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