Ive copied evil pants and created a version that has no player development (just fixed status values).
My original Evil Pants (with Status Dev) animates and follow the battle AI exactly as planned.
The copied Evil Pants, with Status disabled (that was the only change) is now completely unresponsive in battle, no actions no console texts.

What have I overlooked?
  • If I turn Status Dev back to enable, it works again...
    But i want to have Combatants with fixed Status values (mobs) and I want to be able to set those by hand (no Status Dev).

    I just cant put my finger on why I lose all the animation settings and AI setting when I copy Evil pants but then disable "Status Development"...
  • got it, user error,

    i had built new Status elements and a "default development" was setting them to 1 (loading) but on "no status development" i had left them at zero (fail to load).
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    Fur future references - when not using a status development you need to set all the status values to the initial values they should have for the combatant.
    E.g. if you leave HP/health on 0 it'll usually instantly kill the combatant (in case you use a classic setup where 0 health means death).
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