My "first battle" from tutorial allows me to spam the battle menu (I think I have set the BLOCK in the battle menu correctly), and the flying text and the console messages are usually out of sync.

Where should I begin debugging?
  • Do I need to set flying text enabled on each attack (ability) and on the status > flying text?
  • I also cant get the HP value bar to appear

    helpless, :facepalm:
  • And when multiple flying texts occur for multiple effects ( attack [hit], on a combatant already poisoned) the flying texts (2) fly together and conflict.

    Is there a method for setting the flying text on the ability [that causes the HP status change] and not on the HP status change itself?

  • Are you following the tutorials in order? They build upon each other, so if you e.g. jump in somewhere in the middle it'll probably not work as expected :)

    Abilities can't have their indidividual flying texts, but they can enable/disable showing flying texts. Also, the flying texts of the status values can include information about their source using the text codes that are stated above them, e.g. using %n to add the name of the ability that caused it.
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  • Yes I was hopping around too much. Ill push through, my questions are being answered.
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