How do you change the enemy (selection) hud, right now it is the same hud as the player hud.

  • I'm not sure what you mean with enemy selection HUD - there are Combatant type HUDs that can be used to display your enemy stats, and there's the target selection in the battle menu (Combatant Choice Layout settings).
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  • Yess i was looking for the Combatant Choice Layout.

  • hiya, i could not get this working yet.

    When i set the combatent choice layout's hud to the enemy hud it still shows the player's hud when selecting a target (enemy). For example in the player hud you have a overdive/special bar and i dont want that to show inside the enemys hud when selecting the target.
  • Ok i got this working using the display requirements inside the hud.
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