I wanted to see if I could use the Top Down Border Camera for my 2D game. It seems to have some great features so I wanted to incorporate that if I could.

However, when I go into a scene in gameplay, the Top Down Border Camera applies itself to my main camera and then flips horizontally the entire scene, and flips the left and right move input buttons as well. I have no idea why the camera would be flipped like this. Has anyone else run into this issue trying to use this camera for a 2D game?

  • Well, the Top Down Border camera is intended for 3D environments, so it's probably not working in 2D ... I guess it would work if your 2D environment would still use 3D axes, i.e. XZ still being your horizontal plane instead of XY (Unity's 2D mode).
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  • Oh OK, that makes sense. No worries then :) The camera setup I already have works just fine for what I need! Thanks!
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