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How well does Ork Framework work with 3rd party UI tools? WYSIWYG would be very helpful in creating my UI. Would I have to dive deep into code?
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  • Since there is no code access in beta - it doesn't work at all...

    With the code access after the beta it shouldn't be too hard using other UI tools. I've actually planned implementing a WYSIWYG editor for the GUI things after the beta :)
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  • Ah, that's good to know. Thanks for the response.
  • Can't wait to see that, it would be very useful! Also to Dre, At some point in version 4 the Unity GUI system is changing. Not knowing exactly what we will get makes it hard to speculate, but I think its going to be very NGui like. I already own NGui, and would love to implement it into ORK, but who knows, the new Unity GUI may blow it away. I wouldn't sink any money into any 3rd party GUI system just yet, unless its something you are willing to stick with in the long run. If you are like me and already had one, its not so bad, but think of the money. ;)
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