I'd like to learn the Framework doing the tutorial, but i got immediately an issue.. I set up a new project, and i downloaded Ork tutorial zipped file from the link: when i unzip the file, it gives me a generic folder named GameTutorialResources that i cannot open in Unity. Even if i add manually the extension .unitypackage, it gives me an error.

Could you gently help me? :)

Thanks, have a nice day!
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    I don't know what you have there, but it does not sound correct. When you unzip the ORKDemo from this link, you should get the following:

    -ORK Framework
    -Standard Assets
    -Tutorial Resources

    And you should not be setting up a New Project, you should be opening this one.

    If you don't see those folders inside, you are looking at the wrong demo file. Does that help?
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  • I guess you're working on Mac?
    The problem is that it's built-in unzip program automatically also unzips the unitypackage file in the downloaded zip. To solve this, you'll need to use a different unzip program (e.g. 7zip).
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    I was just about to write an answer to Nixter, that so gently told me what to do.

    Yes, i'm on a Mac. :)
    I will try to unzip with with a specific program, maybe last year i already encountered this problem but i solved it somehow, couldn't just remember in which way. ^^

    Thanks a lot, both of you. :)

    EDIT: Solved, thanks gamingislove! :)
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