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    Some new weapon and armor designs.
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  • Take Some ORK, add some UMA, some custom spices and BOOM. Not quite Powerpuff Girls rpg but also nice.
  • Saw this on the indiepromo page. Nice! Also great UI. Looks very clean and professional.
  • Making progress on new locations. Some cool quests planned here ^_^
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    And the dialogue screen (Dialogue System + UMA + Custom Render Portraits) with ORK Integrated for variable checks, items, cutscenes etc.
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  • Looks great! I would like to say that I think having your character say the option you just chose might be a bit redundant. Maybe have him elaborate on the dialogue choice instead of repeating it verbatim?
  • Thank you!
    That is a bit of design problem we are experimenting with.
    We want to keep player portrait present, which if we skip the player lines could be done by showing player during response menu. I also turned on the typewritter effect now and it kind of reads better when the text is updated.
  • Nice Project you got there!
    Really like the art! Are you creating all that art yourself?
    Also, are you using Makinom in your project?
  • Thanks!
    No, I'm doing coding, story and game design. My friend is working on all the art, animation, art direction etc.

    I'm not using Makinom atm. But might give it a try.
  • Great ambiance! Love the SFX and atmosphere.
  • Already saw it like 10 minutes after you've uploaded it - looks great!
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  • Look great showing-off what ORK is cable of :)

    Maybe increase the timeout chat so it stays longer for Player to read when Player busy doing their stuff. (Not the cutscene one it looks okay in the cutscene)
  • Thank you!
    @Night the non-cutscene dialogue has a continue button. Player can control the flow of dialogue.
    For cutscenes we'll experiment with times.
  • Some crafting and exploration Features.

    The inventory and crafting base is ORK, and UI is custom. Pickup/Tree harvest is also run through ORK events, with some custom code helpers for convenience.

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