I tried this and i thought i could share this little tutorial with beginners , cause it's not that difficult but not everyone are able to make this so here is a tutorial on how to make some kind of killing spree counter

First , go to the Combatants Tab , then go to the Death Change Settings .
Add a game Variable as a float and Add 1 to this value .

Now let's create the battle Event for the death animation of our enemy this should look like this : http://www.casimages.com/img.php?i=140507015804981646.png

I will explain simply , the event will check the variable Killed so if it's equal to 0 this will be the first kill , if the variable equal 1 this will be a double kill .. etc i hope this helps the people who are looking for this kind of things !

PS : Don't forget to set the variable as Global in the check Variable Step :)
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