In my game, I have an interaction event between the player and an event object (npc combatant). After the event, the event object status value is supposed to change. But what I wanna achieve is a change in the combatant's status value, not the event object only.

For example: After the event, the combatant's attack is increased by 15. Meaning every npc who is the combatant will have an increase in attack, not only the event object. How can I achieve this?

  • So, every combatant that's the same as the NPC's combatant should have increased stats?

    I think this should be possible by using the combatant's Init Game Event (Base Settings > Game Event Settings in the combatant's settings). E.g. use a game variable to mark that those combatants should increase their stats, set it in the interaction with the NPC and check for it in the init game event (and update the stats).
    However, this only affects combatants that are created after interacting with the NPC, for already spawned combatants, you can use a Search Combatants node to search for those combatants by adding a status requirement checking for Combatant. The found combatants are stored in found/global objects, which can be used in following steps to increase their stats.
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