Hi Guys,
Sorry for such a basic one. I use realtime combat and essentially have no need for a combat menu. I did not set one up. However on a slightly different note there is a notification ("enemy attacks", "player dies") it spawns using my default main menu, i.e. right in the middle of the screen, very annoying. Try as I might I cannot recall where I set up this notification or where to change what GUI box it uses.

Thanks in advance, and again sorry its so basic.
  • Those are most likely the info texts of the battle actions. Go to Battle System > Battle Texts and disable Show Info in the Info Text Settings to disable them completely.
    You'll also find the rest of the info text settings there, in case you want to use some of them, e.g. displaying them with a GUI box above a combatant's head :)
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  • Thats exactly what it was, thanks heaps GIL
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