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I'm running into an issue with ORK and Rewired by using the script found here.

Every single time I press my 'Accept' button, even with default input settings, I speed through dialogues as if I'm pressing the Accept button 1000 times per frame. This only happens with ORK menu/UI presses, and other assets seem to respond to Rewired without any issues.

I DID notice that I'm able to hold down a Button and ORK treats it as an extremely fast, continual button press, forever. Is this a problem with ORK processing input keys from custom sources? It feels like it needs an additional click timeout field for custom input keys (seconds between individual presses) in ORK, or something, to prevent that behavior.

Is anyone else using Rewired and running into similar problems?

EDIT: Resolved, I'm an idiot; I was using the GetButton function instead of GetButtonDown, inside of ORK, which resulted in the infinite button presses. :P
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