Hi Guys as per the title.

The custom player controller is deactivated with no issues at all when the GUI is up :), but the camera controller is free to move about, and this creates weird feeling when using the inventory/equipment paper doll viewer when drag and dropping etc. Skip to the last quarter of this video to see what I mean (player dosn't move when abilities are pressed and UI is up - good, but the camera does - bad. The issue is that I have done practically the same thing in ORK to deactivated them both (you put the behavior names in custom controllers under game main tab in ORK). So why does one work and not the other.

(Note: both the camera script and the player controller scrip are on the player - hence player being used twice in my ORK game settings on the video).

1. I have the wrong behavior name for the camera (I have included my settings, along with the script in the first video below ). - note that i am using the text "RPGCamera" as my deactivation scrip/behavior name, but this seems to be a type of the type "RPGViewFrustum", I've tried this also and it didn't work. Not having much luck :(
2. ORK is not finding the script/reference on the player object even though I specified "on child object" in the settings.
3. Is there something wired going on with the camera controller being initialized because its on a child object of the player? - I have no clue really, and totally need help with this.

Thanks heaps,
Here is my camera settings and script and then a demo of what happens in game.

  • So it appears @Squeaker had to have 4 different custom control entries in ORK to get this to work for JS script. I'll give it a go, but first I need to get the unmounted/free version of JS camera script working with ORK.
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