Hi Guys,

Looking for something that will help fade out speedtrees when the come between the player and the camera. I can't just wack a different shader on them or they look terrible and no wind effects. What are others using? The other option is to add adjustable alpha to the existing speedtree shader, but I'm not even a shader noob :( let me know if there is anything else more simple. (currently using John Stairs camera controller which handles this requirement really well provided you can use a transparency shader on the object (for most solid every day objects thats not an issue, but speedtree have custom shaders with fancy stuff).

Thanks in advance :)
  • Well, for nice effects you'll need to use a transparency shader and fade them out. You can also do it by disabling the renderers (or the whole game object), but that'd be a hard cut between seeing them and making them invisible :)
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  • Thanks @gaminislove, @Keldryn put me onto a nice product that looks as if it will work well for what I need. It was all around adding a transparency shader that does not disturb the original speed tree one which has lots of bells and whistles.
  • RanRan
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    Hi everybody,

    I have been trying to achieve the exact same result, but I chose to alter the Speedtree shader itself (as documented here). The result is good but not perfect : there are glitches with the "branch detail" geometry type that I can not solve, no matter what (Speedtree shader is a complex one and I'm not good enough to tweak it finely).

    @Phesant33 , @Keldryn , would you mind telling us what kind of solution you have been using to obtain a satisfactory result ?

    Thanks in advance !
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