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I am having some issues with real time environment (i will use just one thread instead of opening multiple ones...):

1) I set up a scene with RTB-whole-scene component, i can cast a fireball skill both with control map either with batle menu/ability, but if i open the regular menu (overview - abilities), i cannot use it. Which setting am i probably missing?

2) I tried to change a bit the Move AI, but the enemy is sliding between two walk animations. Is there a way to avoid that sliding (it stands still and simply get nearer to the player), keeping it runnin?

3) Is it possible to save spawn timers during scene changer? I.E. if one enemy with 60 seconds respawn is killed and i enter that scene again before that time, the enemy is spawned again before the timer expires... Could i prevent this somehow?

4) What's the difference in Enemy AI about found targets? I cannot understand properly Keep-Check-Clear, if there is a deeper explanation i would be happy to get it. In particular, i would like to see if the enemy is distance < 3 units, and if it is near instead of a spell the enemy perform base attack: qhich setup should be better?

Thanks in advance, have a great day!
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  • 1) I think menu screens only allow using abilities/items that are usable in the Field, as in battle they'd usually be used through the battle menu. Will look into it, maybe add an option to select what kind of things can be used (field, battle or both).

    2) Probably an issue with your animation setup. E.g. the movement speed being to slow to trigger an animation or some transition stuff when using mecanim.

    3) Yep, you need to enable Remember Combatants in your combatant spawner. This will save the state and position of your combatants, as well as their respawn timers.

    4) The Found Targets setting handles how already found targets of the AI are handled. E.g. if you first use a Check Status node to find all targets with HP < 50 % and want to just filter those targets in the next check node (e.g. a Check Distance node), you'd select Check for the found targets and None for the Target setting (to avoid getting new targets).
    In short, Keep will keep the previously found targets, Check will perform the checks of the node on the found targets as well and Clear would remove any previously found targets.
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  • Thanks a lot, i will try all these tips you wrote and i will see if i can make it work properly! If you can also do something about 1) it would be perfect. :-)
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