Hello everyone!
I am back to my hobbyst development, so, first of all, i would like to greet everyone (expecially newcomers)!
At the start of the year, i spoke to GiL about the possibility and the wish to support his work costantly. Don't ask me why, but i don't like plain donations, instead i would be glad to award GiL with a monthly amount during the optimizaiton of his products. I know that ORK F. and Makinom, as purchased assets, should be alreay involve the constant update of the product. But if we analyze better all the situation, we paid just once for a product that is honestly amazing: for example, last year i took part in Indie Game Making Contest 2015, asking opinions and reading judgmenets i noticed that my "poorly-made" game was compared to RPG Maker ones, as the structure was very similar, but it was indeed made in Unity, thanks to GiL's spectacular framework.

I wrote this premise to say that, in my opinion, it would be a win/win condition: GiL would get a new (even if little) monthly gain and we could benefit of an even neater product. Together with this, i was thinking about the how-to. When i firstly got this idea i hadn't a clue about a possible payment form (actually changing the site with premium section, handling payments, etc would be quite hard...), but while playing with RPG Maker i noticed that many experienced users take advantage of Patreon.
I suppose many of you already know Patreon (you can simply Google it and get an idea), but to explain it with few words:
- pledges are completely set by users, from the minimum of 1$/month, and can be withdrawn every moment.
- Pledges step are decided by the creator, and they award different benefits
- There is a sum of pldges (counted monthly) that can raise the level of the content creation with bonus perks.
So, with GiL completely freedom, it could keep it up normally with his work, and give the users that want to an instrument to support him even more. For example, it could be set this way:
- 1$/m for special forum access
- 5$/m for beta update access
- 10$/m for choice on tutorial / demostration (like explanation to set a particular combat type, or a minigame...)
- 25$/m for the possibility to vote on next update features (poll, ideas, etc...)

I know sometimes i have particularly odd ideas, but i would really like to discuss with other ORK users about the possibility of giving these wonderful assets a monthly support. And of course, i would be glad to hear Gil's thoughts too!

Have a nice day!
  • @Kaemalux i can see this as a way to just help out @Gil in a way but i think it would ruin the community as a whole if u did it with special benefits. now i could see this being used for something like a huge feature that would allow gil the money and time to do something huge addon that then in turn patrons got to vote on to add to the systems for the whole community but not more then just a common donation of support . remember not only is this a place for support but its all also a full pledge dev community. i my self work in unreal now, i dropped unity all together and i code all my own systems from the ground up. but thanks to @Gil i can still post the games im working on and also help out here and there on the support forums. So doing special access stuff just does not seem right to me .
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  • Hello wtyson, nice to see you again!
    I am sorry but i probaby explained myself wrongly. With such a system i didn't mean at all to create some "elite" users with special privileges. Let's think about commissioned features, i read about @Bantchai (sorry if i didn't write the name correctly!) that paid on his own for an update that would be available for everyone, Patron system is kinda like that. You, as a "plain" user (just buying the framework), you will benefit in the same way when the new version is out, no one will get a special version. The same with the forum, consider all the same sections, with just a subforum for beta-testers or special ideas. General discussion, bug&fix, general requests, showcase (for everyone, even to you that switched development engine), would remain the same. Someone excluded would totally not fit my idea! :-)
    Consider that it could be set up just as general Patreon levels, with no pledges step, and at certain $/month GiL would be able to "give us" something more. My steps were merely an example.
  • @Kaemalux yeah i see where your going with that then. its a good idea and a good incentive to people as well to allow for little extras. maybe a goal type system though that had a bar fill up when the correct amount was reached. but he also allows for group buys as well. but yeah either way works.
    new website can be found here http://www.fore-loregames.com

    Follow the game Development on Twitter https://twitter.com/Fore_Lore_Games

    or check out the face book page here https://www.facebook.com/ForeLoreGames
  • @wtyson Thank you, the last thing i would want is to exclude someone in GiL framework/community. The final product, for everyone, it would stay completely the same, it just speed the process thanks to those that would like to contribute more.

    I would like to read some other opinions if possible, even GiL's one. :-)
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