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Just got around to updating to 2.6.2, and I noticed something strange going on with my timebars and the End Turn battle command. (Granted this could have broken in my setup before that, but I only just noticed).

My current setup has the battle menu pop up at timebar = 800, and then the action execute at timebar = 1000. Selecting "End" from the battle menu closes the menu and the timebar moves up to 1000 as expected, but then stalls at 1000 and never resets to 0, so the poor little dude never gets another turn again. I do have "None End Turn" checked under the Battle System setting. Other actions like Defend which are also set to end the turn after executing seem to work just fine.

Playing around with it a bit, if I change the menu to pop up at timebar = 1000, the end turn command works as expected and the timebar resets to 0. But changing the menu border to anything else makes it stall out again.

Anyone have any idea of what setting I possibly missed somewhere?
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    Yeah, sounds like a bug - will test it :)

    Edit: Bug found and will be fixed in the next update.
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  • Thanks so much Gil! :D
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