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I'm trying to setup a system to modify the player's body physique. I have a working input slider which assigns a float value from 0-100 to a "Body Weight" variable, but there doesn't appear to be a way to pass that variable into a Change Fields step. The event step looks like I can only directly assign a float value. How can I pass the variable to Change Fields and ultimately the endpoint component?
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  • No, that's currently not possible in ORK. Makinom is more advanced in that matter and allows using all kinds of sources for your values.
    Alternatively, you can write your own event step to change the field of your component directly.
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  • Looks like I'm all-in for the GiL suite of game dev products. ORK is already allowing me to do everything I want in Unity - Makinom will go further? Sign me up! Thanks. :)
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