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I have a second camera that outputs to Render Texture as a minimap solution. I've assigned it to the HUD foreground/background, but the RT doesn't show. Confirmed it's working using a 3d plane in-game. Is there any way to show a render texture through a HUD? Thanks.
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    I'd actually be interested in knowing about this as well! Have to hook up a metroidvania-style minimap via ORK HUDs and Menus but haven't had the time to work it out in my head yet.
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  • I can get it to display to Viewport or RenderTexture, then the RT displays fine to a 3dplane. This COULD be hacked into the same place on screen as a hud box, but that sucks. I was really surprised it didn't work as a background/foreground image.
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    Had no problem doing that.
    Created a render texture and added it to a HUD as background image (also tried background image of a HUD element), set up a camera in the scene that used the render texture as target - and it just worked. In both legacy GUI and new UI.

    Edit: Although, if you're currently working with ORK 2.6.0, there are currently some bugs when using the new UI, e.g. HUD background images not being displayed. Will be fixed by today's ORK 2.6.1 release :)
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  • I am using 2.6.0, which also has the effect of blanking my nav HUD when I open and close my game menu. I'll update tonight and try again. Thanks.
  • It works!

    Also my navigation bar comes back when I open/close the menu. :)

    Thanks GiL. Happy new year!
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