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I wanted to see if I can find it before posting, but I couldn't

Since I have Lip Syncing and (soon, I hope) facial animation in the game, I wanted to go for a cinematic approach to my game. I wanted to have a set of cameras that switch during the cutscenes. or cameras that switch during action portions of fighting. so far I see camera rotation, camera position, camera shake, but i do not see a camera switch option.

I even attempted to switch the camera in the first event node (by using camera name instead of main camera).and move that camera so that the cutscene camera is independent from the main camera, and while the cutscene camera moved like it was supposed to, it did not switch the viewpoint.

{edit: there was a link here but it would not show the video without a one drive account}

if anyone knows how to rectify this, help!

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  • There are different methods to do that:
    - use one camera and position it using Camera Positions (Change Camera Position step)
    - use one camera and position it with Change Position steps (e.g. to the position of a game object in the scene)
    - use multiple cameras and enable/disable them as needed using Activate Object steps (only active/enabled cameras will render their view)

    Naturally, you can also mix those methods :)
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  • I used activate option step and set up the main camera to deactivate and activate when needed, thank you.
  • skwiggs i'm doing the same thing now, I think. I'm putting a canvas on camera overlay and trying to use a button outside Ork with Events inside Ork to activate the camera. I can't seem to get the Event to work though. Do you leave a camera untoggled in the inspector to deactivate it before activating something with an Event?
  • this is what I did

    1.keep the main camera depth at 0 and the cutscene camera at -1. leave them both active. the depth options will ensure that the main camera keeps priority

    2. in "event options," uncheck "use main camera" and type the camera name that you want to use in it's place. also, add an Actor and place the name of main camera as the actor.

    3. use the "activate object" node (i don't know where it is exactly, i searched for it) and deactivate the main camera actor. this will make the secondary camera take over and move how you need it to move.

    4. at the end of the cutscene, reactivate the main camera.

    this should help. you can add more things but if you keep this base intact you should be fine
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    Well couldn't get it to work the way you did it. I was trying to activate a second camera while still using the first so maybe it's a little different. I was however able to set the second camera items up on a different layer and in an Event just change the camera Culling option to that layer to activate the second camera. This works. It's the same effect correct?
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  • that could work. keep tweaking it until it is perfect for you
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