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Hi Guys,
ORK framework is seriously great fun, so good for those in need of 4G for unity :)

Had this working fine....

(I'm attempting an action RPG type style using real time battle)

I've been back through the tutorial (13 items) step by step, all the settings are correct, especially "use in = Both". Target ally, status affects = HP, Value etc... all the same as tute.

The animation plays correctly, unfortunately though, nothing happens to my HP bar, and there are no green +indicators (there are red indicators when I take damage though, so I know that the notifications are working). Small heal ability also dosn't add to my HP bar anymore, although I can play the animation and the targeting menu puts the big blue square prefab on my player etc. I have made sure my player has taken damage so there is some to heal, but assuming this isn't really an issue.

In both cases the anims play and the Top Info dialog says "Player used Health Potion" or small heal etc.
however health potions are not removed from my inventory at all, and similarly manna is not consumed when using small heal.

What could I have done wrong/changed to break this?

Getting a sense I may need to do a rebuild from the ground up.

Thanks heaps for any thoughts guys!
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  • Are you taking this potion from your inventory? It sounds like something isn't right in the ability you set up for heal. This has happened to me before--I'm not sure it means you need to start over.

    Where are you setting up in the ability settings what it does to who and how much mana it should use. I think that was my problem.
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    In my Small heal ability---

    I have my target settings set to Ally and Group--I use a Battle Event called heal target --

    In my ability settings----I subtract the MP --mana--in Add Value Change--value change 0--sub value 2 efficiency 1--checked ignore defence attributes Race--

    Target Changes--add value change--value change 0--status value HP add value 25--efficiency 1--

    If you would like to know how my Battle Event heal target is set up I can put that up.

    I hope this helps.

    If it's not subtracting it from your inventory--then we have to look at the inventory settings-- : )

    This is completely solvable--I had same problem--long time ago--when I was learning--I'm still learning --and you don't need in my humble opinion to start over.

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  • In my heal target battle event, I'm using real time battle so I check auto damage dealers in Event Settings--I play a sound and calculate and have a wait step--everything else is handled by my Ability settings.

    And for the inventory settings --I use small heal via an onscreen button HUD--but for my Full Heal potion--I have the Consume box checked, so it gets used.
  • Thanks Cata,

    currently my small heal is set to
    - usable in both
    - Ally, single (tried changing to group, didn't help)
    -use cost is MP, sub, value, 2, 1 and ignore defence attributes (still dosnt subtract mana)
    - Target change is; HP, Add, Value, 50, Efficiency 1 (I had a formula but it wasn't working even when I had that, so I change to straight and simple value add, so I could see HP go up by 50) Also ignoring defence attributes

    Just strange, I cast it, and it plays my anim but thats it, no nice green + 50 notification, and no mana subtract, health stays the same :(

    Perhaps its got to do with my battle settings, - Real time battle area, even though I have usable in field, perhaps there is something else, just not sure what it could be.

    Thanks again for the help :)
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    Don't use use costs--use value changes. Make sure you have it usable in battle too. : )

    My old post where gil helped me is still here somewhere--I think he told me not to use use costs but value changes.

    Anyway, you can get this too work--I had the very same problem. I know that's not really comforting--but I didn't have to start over to get it to work.
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  • Had I not seen your response I would have not thought of this at all... battle events...
    ...... the face palming, the unrelenting PEBKAC..... lol turns out I had just run along and put in play animation steps in the battle events, but nothing about item/ability calculations. Once I added those steps the heath potions worked (haven't tried small heal ability yet but assuming this is the issue too), HP increased correctly and item number decreased correctly in inventory (no green floating HUD notification though so I will keep this post open still for the moment - undoubtedly more PEBKAC). Thanks heaps for bearing with Cata and Gil.
  • I was where you are once and with gil's and others help I got a game working on ios--every time something worked right for me I was so happy. Every time something didn't, I came here and always got help.

    I'm happy you're getting there. : ) He'll be back in a few days---just hang in there.
  • Cheers Cata, will look into why these HUD notifications arn't popping up when I heal up
  • Ok so this is weird but once I applied the same change (adding the ability calculation step) to the small heal battle event script the small heal ability worked as expected AND the green + notifications and player prefab flash worked. YAY! However the notification still does not display when the heal potion is used, even though now the status value is changing. No knowledge as to why this is, in both cases status value of HP is changing positively by the same amount but only one triggers the notification. Is this because notifications only show in battle? (I was in a RT battle area when using the potions).
    (Oh and you were right re MP subtraction and not using use costs)

    Auto damage dealer is checked in both scripts as you say Cata.

    Thanks again for the help, almost there I think.
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    Notifications show how you set them up. So your small heal is working and triggers a notification and your full heal potion is working but doesn't trigger a notification? I use a sound for using a full heal potion which is a potion in my inventory.

    But my small heal is an ability. And as an ability it triggers a notification that player used small heal.

    Your full heal potion should restore your hp completely while your small heal should heal you by only say 25 instead of a 100.
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  • Notifications in the top info hud show on both my health potion and my small heal ability,e.g. the screen says "player used health potion/small heal".
    Correct, when I use the small heal I get the nice +50 show up near my heal bar HUD and I flash green. But this dosnt happen with my health potion, even though the health bar changes - strange, as the notification is driven by the status value HP (the check box) so why work for one and not the other, as they both change the status value? Hmmm.

    Same as you, my potion is an inventory item and my small heal is an ability.

    Yeah I agree totally on the values, I just put high ones in for testing as my ememy mages are currently OP with their attacks and can chunk me down quick (will change that lol).
    Thanks as always for the help
  • Make sure that Show Notification is enabled in the health potion's status changes (most likely Target Changes).
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  • [Solved] As usual, spot on, I just hadn't checked that box (I knew it would be something I'd missed). Thanks heaps!
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