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Hey guys, I've looked over all the tutes and forums searching for this. Just wondering if anyone could help. I just want to pull up the main menu in game in any scene. Obviously its out there and I'm just missing something.

Thanks in advance.
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  • Follow from tutorial 34 and 35:
    Adding a call requirement

    Calling a menu screen via input keys (i.e. opening it by pressing an assigned key) can be bound to certain requirements. We only want the menu to be accessible while the player is in control (i.e. outside of events, battles, etc.). Navigate to Game > Requirements and add a new requirement to the list (don’t change the already existing one). Change the following settings.

    - Name
    Set to Menu Call.
    -In Control, Menu Screen
    Select Ignore.
    -Shop, In Event, Changing Scene, Game Paused, In Battle
    Select No.

    Make sure you already have an input key mapped for opening the menu (tut 34)
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    [Solved] @RustedGames, Thanks heaps. I assumed that because main menu was its own tab in ORK and that we had already used it in start game scene that I didn't have to create a menu screen for it and I could use the existing one. Once I realised that I did have to create a new menu screen the rest was easy as you said.

    Thanks again.
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  • The main menu is only at the start of the game (or when you quit the game or die and return to the main menu scene). The other menus are in-game menus, i.e. menu screens.
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