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Hi guys,

Have followed the equipment tutes and already looked at a number of forum posts but I am having real trouble diagnosing my problem.

So I have my equipment item set up, on the combatant and it is in his inventory/equiped as it is spawning at the start of the game, see screen shot.

I then create an empty game object, call it "Right Hand" and position it at the right position in the model prefabs skeleton.

I then start the game, press pause and select the spawned prefab and go to its equipment viewer. I select "Right Hand" and make sure everything else is set to ignore. I also add a "weapon" tag

I then position the spawned sword to the right location and rotation and right down the coordinates.

I save and press play. Now the sword has moved and is ruffly where the hand is BUT DOES NOT MOVE WITH THE MESH, it just floats in space.

I believe it is not being parented/childed to the game object "Right Hand" the problem is I don't know how to make this happen. I have tried adding a child link as in the pants tutorial - same issue.

When I start the game the equipment viewer spawns the sword back at the feet of the player (I cant save the coordinates as the equipment viewer on my prefab doesn't allow it), and even if I did, this would just leave it floating near the hand but not linked to the mesh so no movement with animations.


Please note that the sword in question is the little one at the players feet, the one in its hands is just part of the mesh I imported and not set up as my ORK sword.

Thanks for any help with this.

Side note, are there any further real time battle tutorials (especially focusing on how to make your animations work together/set them up)

Thanks again. http://i377.photobucket.com/albums/oo211/Phesant33/Equipment viewer issue_zpsdwn0wezx.jpg
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    In the ORK editor Inventory Weapons-- for that weapon do you have the prefab slid into the prefab under Item Settings Item Type Weapon Equipment Prefab -- your sword prefab spawn offset 0, 0,0. And Equipment Viewer Setttings Viewer Prefab is set to your Sword prefab?

    And dropping down there to Equipment Settings, you checked Right Hand?

    For your question about real time battles and animations-- are you talking about Legacy animations or Mecanim? Setting up Legacy Animations is easy. Setting up Mecanim there are tutorials. Not sure what you mean by making them work together. ORK does that and you can further tweak that in your Battle Event for an ability.
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  • Thanks heaps for the reply Catacomber, and yeah, all those settings were exactly as you said.

    (and yeah I was referring to mecanim animations, e.g. specifically difficulty around the ORK character controller sliding between my walk/run animations so it looks like they are just sliding all over the map) and more simple stuff like how to set them up for hack and slash so that walking doesn't cancel my attack etc (guessing this is what you meant by tweaking in the battle event e.g. wait steps etc, just looking for a good way to go about it, but I will post this elsewhere I guess, also looking into the OPSIVE TPC as a potential fix.

    Thanks Catacomber
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    Your screenshot looks like you've added the equipment viewer component to the root of your model, not the Right Hand game object :)

    Also, the child linking is only for stuff that's made of multiple parts and should follow different parts/bones of your model (e.g. sleeves).
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  • Solved. :)

    Thanks GIL, I just realised what the tutorial was saying, exactly as you put it here^^. I didn't realise that the empty game object was so we could give the equipment viewer a position, I had the equipment viewer on my prefab so it keep spawning the sword at his feet. Anyways, thanks heaps for the feedback and thanks for the great tutes and framework. - Now I know what I'm doing this equipment system is excellent.
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