... and i am sad. :(

Sorry guys, just expressing my mood as i corrupted last backup with a week of roguelike development. Besides the tech - paid - help i will need.

Go on with development for me too!
  • Oh noes! D: I am sad with you.
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  • I know this experience and feel for you. Just use this time as an opportunity to brush up on practices to keep data backed up elsewhere.

    Any possibility to salvage the hard drive and export it somewhere else?
  • You should be able to restore your operating system if you have the disc. Even if you don't have the disc, if you were running Yosemite there's a way to restore it by a download from the Apple Store.

    I know lost work is tragic. I'm so sorry.
  • Sucks! Hopefully you can remember much of the logic and recreate what was done? :(

    I'm super paranoid, so I usually try to keep an updated copy of my project on the cloud every few days, in case of hard drive failure or a house fire or something.

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  • best thing to do is keep a back up external harddrive for backing up your projects this way you can take it anywhere and use it on any pc ^^ or if you got a mac on mac w/e mac uses (hate mac ) :P
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  • Thanks all for the support, actually i was quite unhappy about this issue...

    I had a backup from 10 days before on TM, but it seemed to be corrupted and that i couldn't use it to restore my mac, but luckily a friend of mine managed to use it: i lost some files and my new game prototype, but i manage to have 99% my data back...

    This experience taught me that one Time Macine is not enough, so i bought another external HDD on which i will perform even more frequent backups.

    Now i have to clean my pc and install again everything, apparently i had two problems: when i mounted by myself the second hard disk (SSD) on my mac i didn't properly install the XOS (even if it worked for more than 1 year...) and i corrupted with third-party software photo/iphoto library that made my macbook crash and my backups fail...

    Now i am almost back to work, so i am happy. :)

    Have a nice day guys, thanks again for your words!
  • Great news that you got a lot of it back up and working and didn't lose all your data! :D
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