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This thread purpose is to gather every ORK user's opinion about how the framework could expand itself. It is not a mere "feature-i-would-specifically-need" but entire systems that could help this Asset to be even more the #1.
So, i would like to gather everyone's ideas and list them, both to have a chat about where the development could go either (maybe) to give GiL some starting points for future updates (or even a suggestion for a group buy!).

Here it is the simple list of system with a brief explanation (detailed one in the thread posts):

- Item randomization Endless possibility for the same item (mostly equipment) to show different properties.

- Item identification "Raw" items that through skills/scrolls can be known by the player

- FF Tactics CS Battle system like FF (if someone could give detailed explanation, i noticed a group buy about it ^^)

- Constructible / Destructible World Scene object that can be modified or marked/set up as persistent ones

- Persistent game data Data that will not be reset even if the player delete a save game or start a new one

- Game Center / IAP Easy integration with iOS for a better gaming experience / setup.

- Easy localization A way to localize all text stuffs in ORK without much work

I hope this will help to make this framework even greater!
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  • Item randomization
    Like in some RPG, equipment (or item in general) can be different from one to another, even if they share the same kind: you can find a bronze sword with a bonus on critical chance or a bronze sword with raised damaged against demons. The output can be decided upon variables, status values, particular conditions, skills, quests completed... Almost everything. Besides expanding the gaming experience, this system could also make the player simply play more: he could grind a particular zone for some high-quality items, or raise some of his stats (luck anyone?) for better drops...
  • Item identification
    Who can't remember the feeling of founding a shining amulet, hoping it is a good boost for the character, and instead it changes to a cursed talisman? I think the possibility of having unidentified items, and the needing of skills/scrolls to discover them would be a really nice addition.
    This system could even force the player to use something he cannot understand in a desperate situation, with unpredictable outcomes.
  • Constructible / Destructible World
    I would really like to set up in a simple way the possibility to add object in scene or remove them like some "persistent" game: having a town where you can build your home with customization or developing a reign with the loot you gained through missions, or again destroy pieces of the map to go on on story...
  • Persistent game data
    It would be a really nice addition to have the possibility to store some data that can be erased only by removing the app or deleting the game from the pc. I was thinking about sound/graphical options, or some persistent un-lockable functions like a new game mode, or some special characters that can be selected only if you complete some achievements in the game.
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    I think being able to add Game Center and In App Purchases for mobile development would take ORK a step further. Most of the new games in the ios App store feature these.

    I used to be able to code ios games in Objective C but I've gotten away from it having used ORK for over a year now. It would be helpful to take ORK a step further in mobile by adding an easy way to do these things. Just a thought. I'm very happy with ORK.
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  • Would it be too greedy to vote 2?
    Item randomisation and FFT battle system!
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    Oh, it is not a poll. :)

    It is simply a wish-to-have list about big possible updates. ^^

    Everyone is free to add something (not like a small change, but new big features), and maybe GiL in future will take a cue on this thread. ^^

    I added Cat's idea. ^^
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  • I really think a character creation system would be very benificial to Ork. A system that utilizes the status values, abilities, player prefabs for visuals.

    Quite crucial part in many rpg's.
  • My big bane right now is localisation. I would pay good money for an easy way to export all the text (hell, even just all the event text) into one big xml or properties or csv or plain text doc, which pulled out every language string, and could then be reimported later after changes were made. The text in the project file would be a pain to rip out, but doable. Going through all the event files, dialogue node by dialogue node, just leaves me shaking my head.

    All the localizers I've worked with in the past require some kind of easily navigable spreadsheet or xml doc to write their translations in, and the thought of having to build this from scratch by compiling all the different places the text is located in is truly, truly daunting.
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  • @Catacomber

    If you can program in C# you can do those things now. As far as in app purchases, you can create your 'store' UI with uGui and call ORK API methods to add the purchased items etc. to the player's inventory. I'm over simplifying it a little but in general, that's what we're in the process of doing now. I don't know if that helps :)
  • @Squeaker, no offense but this thread is supposed to be a wish list of things we want in ORK Framework out of the box. Of course with a little or more effort could be achieved by code but that´s not the point for non programmers. :)
  • @Squeaker---thanks-- I might try but am rusty. :/. Still, maybe it's time for me to unrust.

    @RustedGames--yep, an out of the box ORK solution would be good.
  • You can always go for a public or private commission if you need a feature :)
    E.g. if you want a tactical battle system, support this group buy proposal.
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  • I made this thread just for a cue note for GiL: these aren't required features of course, but things that could simply improve the framework if sometimes he found himself without a specific goal for updates. As already pointed out, this is a generic, totally-not-mandatory list where everyone could write their ideas. :)
    If you need a specific feature for your game, single / group buy feature request is the way. This topic could be considered like "something in the future could be in ORK". ^^
  • @RustedGames Oh understand that it's a feature discussion. And I appreciate the idea of the wish list and I think it would be great :) I was just trying to give Catacomber some encouragement in that area that's all. I meant no offense :)
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